Library and Information Services:

Library is the life-blood of every educational institution. At present it has abundant stock of around 14,000 books. It subscribes to variety of News- papers, Magazines, in addition to the journals and periodicals. It is also of a great help to the research scholars of the area. Its reference section having approximately 3000 books, renders commendable academic support to the students & teachers community.

Of the available books, nearly seven percent of books are of foreign authors.
One Computer is installed in the library along with the internet connection.
The institution is using Inflibnet library software.
The library is accessible on all the working days of the year and the working hours of the day are 8 hours a day.
Book Bank scheme is a scheme wherein the students are provided with a set of books required by them for the academic year.

Library resources available to the staff & Students’ :

Books- volumes and titles, journals-national and international, magazines, audio visual teaching learning resources, software, internet access, With Computerized library management.